Core Values

We as a health care provider also recognize we are individuals. These values are accepted as practice as we continue with our mission:

  • Patient care

  • Care for each other

  • Do good today, better tomorrow

  • We are proud to make a difference


To provide appropriate continuity of care for the terminally ill patient and family through a centrally administered program which includes home care, respite, short term inpatient care, a continuous level of care, and  bereavement and grief follow-up. 

To provide the terminally ill patient with the option to choose to remain in the home environment until death.

To allow the patient to pass away quietly, peacefully and with a sense of dignity and fulfillment.

To strengthen the relationships between the person in hospice and those closest to them.

To show respect for each person's life wishes by exhibiting professional and empathetic behavior.

To maintain a high level of patient and family participation in the choice of appropriate care through developing and implementing an effective plan of care.

To free the patient from pain and symptoms, no matter the cause- physical, mental, emotional, spirtual, financial, etc.- and the accompanying anguish and anxiety.

To complement existing medical care with palliative care that is medically sound and appropriate for the patient and family.

To serve as an advocate for the patient and family in assisting them to achieve their desired goals.

To alleviate the stresses that some experience in an institution away from a familiar and home-like setting.

To provide a support system for staff members and their patients which will facilitate optimum patient/family care.

To mobilize and use the energies and existing resources within the community to better meet the needs of terminally ill patients and their families.

Appalachian Hospice Care accepts all forms of insurance. We accept all patient referrals regardless of patients insurance status or ability to pay.

Appalachian Hospice Care adheres to all HIPAA privacy policies.