What we do

Appalachian Hospice Care has been providing quality comprehensive hospice services throughout Pike county since 1990 and expanded to Floyd, Johnson, Martin and Magoffin counties in April 2005. Hospice is a special health care provider for patients and families who are experiencing a life-limiting illness.


When the focus of care shifts from the inability to cure a disease, the care is then focused as the disease progresses to death, admission to hospice will provide medical care, comfort care, and spiritual support for the terminally ill patients and their families.

The goal of hospice is to help the patient and family to live as fully as possible in the days and weeks left on earth.  Hospice is about living the remaining days as fully as possible. 

Many people who are dying have the wish to stay in their home with their familiar surroundings surrounded by family and friends. Hospice's philosophy of care allows patients to live their remaining days in as much comfort as possible while maintaining their dignity. Hospice helps families to cope with the approaching and actual death of a loved one. Although at times the death may occur at the hospital or skilled facility Hospice can accommodate the patient’s wishes as to where they would like their death to occur.


To meet the many needs of the dying person and their family, hospice uses a multi-disciplinary team which includes the patient’s doctor, the hospice Medical Director, registered nurses, social workers, certified hospice aides, trained volunteers and clergy as desired.

The hospice team manages pain, the symptoms and the many needs patients experience.   Hospice promotes communication between family members, and offers psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual support as necessary or requested by the patient and family.

 The patient and family are part of the team. The family continues to care for the patient with training and support from the hospice staff. The patient continues to make decisions about their care for as long as possible.

The hospice support does not stop when the patient dies. The trained counselors maintain contact through bereavement support as long as necessary.

We strive to meet the emotional, spiritual, physical and medical needs of terminally ill patients and their families.  By working with physicians and caregivers the patient is at the center of the care with an interdisciplinary approach. 

Appalachian Hospice Care is certified by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services and is a member of both the National Hospice and Palliative Care Association and the Kentucky Association of Hospice and Palliative Care. 


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